Non USA Booking, Talent Agency/ Agent leads

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Whats Included? : Person Name, Email, Organization, Other

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# Here attached an excel file with 110 leads. All thoese are quality leads with valid email. Scraped from various sources

#Having following fileds
First Name, Last Name, Email, Organization, Agency Type-1, Agency Type-2, Country

# Country Name:
France / Belgique FRANCE UK UK/EU Sweden Oslo Jermany England Uk, Europe & Australia SPAIN & PORTUGAL UK/Europe Europe & Asia europe/uk Uk/ London / Europe Japan UK & Europe Australia & New Zealand Latin America EUR & ROW EU/UK Australia AUS/NZ Europe AUS/ ASIA South America Mexican & South America Europe/Asia ASIA Australia & NZ South Africa ROW AU UK & EU Aus/NZ/Asia Canada UK/EU/ASIA NZ/AUS AUSTRALIA / ASIA Australia EU UK/ EU Toronto Monde / EU

110 Leads
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